July 1999 - The 1st mention of space tourism at a public lecture in Malaysia at a seminar on space studies, organised by School of Aerospace Engineering of University Science Malaysia (USM), Perak State Government and Terengganu Science Centre at USM Perak.

August 1999 – The 1st lecture on space tourism in Malaysia - Lecture on the plan to develop Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) into a spaceport for space tourism and known as Kuala Lumpur International Spaceport (KLIS), at Terengganu Science Centre.

February 2000 - Establishment of Institut Kajian Aero & Angkasa Malaysia (IKAM) or Malaysian Institute of Aero & Space Studies – the pioneer organisation of space tourism in Malaysia.

September 2002 - The first meeting between IKAM and Space Future Consulting (SFC) on the cooperation between the 2 organisations to promote space tourism in Malaysia, held in London, the United Kingdom.

February 2003 - Publication of the 1st book on space commercialisation written in Bahasa Melayu, with its contents mainly on space tourism, “Pengenalan Ekonomi Angkasa” (Introductory Space Economy) by IKAM.

February 2004 - The 1st lecture on space tourism by Prof. Patrick Collins of SFC in Malaysia organised by Faculty of Tourism & Hotel Management of University Technology MARA (UiTM) Shah Alam and IKAM at UiTM Shah Alam.

November 2004 - Announcement by Chief Minister of Perak, which stated that Perak state government allows Sultan Azlan Shah Airport in Ipoh to be developed as the spaceport for space tourism – The 1st announcement by a government agency of the third world country on space tourism project.

December 2005 - Presentation of the paper, “New Opportunities for Malaysia in Space Tourism” by Prof. Patrick Collins at 2nd International Tourism Outlook Conference, Faculty of Tourism & Hotel Management, UiTM Shah Alam.
– The 1st meeting between Malaysian Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) and SFC.
February 2006 - Public lecture organised by British Council Kuala Lumpur, “Space Tourism – Fun Thing to Do in the 21st Century” by Prof. Patrick Collins at PETRONAS Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur.

June 2006 - Presentation of the paper, “Infrastructure Requirements for Sub-Orbital Passenger Space Travel Services” by Prof. Patrick Collins, at International Conference on Engineering Facilities, Faculty of Civil Engineering, UiTM Shah Alam.

July 2006 - Establishment of Space Tourism Society Malaysia Chapter (STS-MC) in conjunction with 7 years of space tourism development in Malaysia.

August 2006 – Printing and circulation of the book, “Space Tourism – New Economy & Technology for Developing Countries” – The 1st Malaysian space tourism book.
– Visit by SFC to Indonesian Aero-Gas Dynamics & Vibration Laboratory (LAGG) at Serpong, Indonesia.

October 2006 – Launching of “Labu Sayong – Meal Container for Astronaut & Space Tourist” program by STS-MC and Perak State Committee for Industry & Entrepreneur Development – The 1st space tourism product development program originated from the Malaysian astronaut program.

November 2006 – Lecture by Prof. Patrick Collins, “Space Tourism – An Opportunity for Aerospace Engineering Lecturers & Students” at School of Aerospace Engineering, USM.

May 2007 – Presentation of the paper, “The Symbiotic Relationship between Astronaut Program and Space Tourism Development – A Third World Perspective” by Norul Ridzuan Zakaria representing STS-MC at 2nd International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety (IAASS), organised by ESA (European Space Agency) and endorsed by NASA (National Aeronautics & Space Administration), JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) and ROSCOSMOS (Russian Federal Space Agency) in Chicago, USA.
– Visit by STS-MC to Department of Physics, Valparaiso University at Indiana, USA.
– “An ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) for Space?” white paper is produced by IAASS, which includes a description of space tourism activity in Malaysia.

July 2007 – “Labu Sayong – Meal Container for Astronaut & Space Tourist” poster appears in
www.spacetourismsociety.org/Presentations.html as a reference material for space tourism.

August 2007 – Submission of “An ICAO for Space?” white paper hardcopy by STS-MC to DCA, Malaysian Space Agency (ANGKASA), Minister of Transportation, Minister of Science Technology & Innovation and Minister of Tourism.
– “The Symbiotic Relationship between Astronaut Program and Space Tourism Development – A Third World Perspective” paper appears at www.spacefuture.com/archive/the_symbiotic_relationship_between_astronaut_program_and_space_tourism_development_a_third_world_perspective.shtml as a major international space tourism research material.

October 2007 – Distribution of “Developing Passenger Suborbital Spaceplane as the Follow-Up of the Angkasawan Program” Non-Technical Brief Proposal.
-Establishment of http://ikam-space.blogspot.com to promote space tourism and space studies in Malay language.

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